(KVOA)  In Ms. Mustard's sophomore geometry class at Tucson, Arizona's San Miguel High School, students learned a lot of lessons this year and we're not just talking numbers.

"At first people were like, 'oh how do I use this?', but I think now it's more like second nature," says Sophomore Jose Estrella.

Estrella is talking about using the iPad, instead of a textbook in his English, social studies, science and math classes. He's one of about 20 sophomores who took part in a pilot program this year, where they traded in their textbooks for technology.

It was all made possible by a $10,000 donation from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation.

Estrella says the iPad makes life easier and it's not just because it's less heavy than a book.

"If you have a term to look up, or if you need to look up a formula, it's really easy because you can just go to the search bar, look it up, then it goes to that chapter," Estrella says.

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