DADE COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- Warm nights, prom and graduation are all reasons to celebrate and get together with friends this time of year.

With an increased number of drivers on the road, police in north Georgia are making extra efforts to keep people safe.

Friday, several police agencies across north Georgia came together for "Operation Clean Sweep."

It's the night before prom for some in our area, and the Dade County Sheriff's Office, Georgia State Patrol and several other agencies were out to let people know, they're going to be on the roads, and they're not going to tolerate crime.

"We're not here trying to harass the public," Sheriff Ray Cross says. "We're trying to keep the public safe."

Cars lined Route 11 in Dade County near the intersection of 299 for a random road check.

"This is the eve of our prom for our high school students, and we're trying to keep our roads safe, to keep our students where they can enjoy the prom this year, without any problems or any wrecks or any casualties," says the sheriff.

It's all part of what Dade County's new sheriff calls "Operation Clean Sweep."

His department joined forces with the Georgia State Patrol and several other north Georgia agencies for the road checks and even a felony warrant round up.

They started at 6:00 Friday morning.

They cleared 19 felony warrants and arrested ten people for custodial violations.

Later on Route 11, they arrested 19 people and handed out 25 traffic warnings. Charges ranged from suspended licenses to DUIs and even drugs.

"Dade County is not going to be a sanctuary for criminals or drug manufacturers, and we want to try to get that point out today," says Sheriff Cross.

Lieutenant Don Stultz with the Georgia State Patrol says this was not all about catching criminals, but also to check for safety.

He says today's sweep won't be the last.

"Look for these to be present on county roads, state highways, and we'll be active on the interstates as well," says Lt. Stultz.

And Dade County's sheriff says his department will continue to be proactive as well.

"I put more officers in the neighborhoods and in the communities, and we're getting feedback that they're seeing these cars out in their neighborhoods, which is going to cut down on burglaries and everything else," says Sheriff Ray Cross.

Saturday is prom for schools in Dade County. The sheriff's department wants to remind everyone to celebrate safely and responsibly.