SALTILLO, MS (AP) - A friend of a Mississippi man whose home was searched as part of an investigation of poisoned letters sent to the president and others says the man is trying to escape the media spotlight.

Kirk Kitchens says he and Everett Dutschke stayed at a home for a while Wednesday before slipping out through the woods to rendezvous with someone who drove Dutschke elsewhere.

Dutschke's attorney says he's cooperating with investigators and the FBI knows how to get in touch with him. He has not been charged. 

Dutschke had his home and former business searched earlier this week in connection with the letters, which allegedly contained ricin. They were sent last week to President Barack Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi and earlier to a Mississippi judge named Sadie Holland.

Earlier this week, a Mississippi man who had been accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and others says he realizes how his writings about black-market body parts made him an easy target. 

Charges were dropped Tuesday against Paul Kevin Curtis who says, "I respect President Obama. I love my country." 


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