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Sprinkler safety demonstration for new nightclub ordinance

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(WRCB) - By the end of the year, nightclubs in Chattanooga are required have new fire safety measures in place.  

The fire department is showing the life-saving difference it can make.  

Firefighters started blazes in two rooms Thursday, one with a sprinkler system and the other without.

The difference in damage is clear.  The room without sprinklers was engulfed with flames within 5 minutes.  In the room with sprinklers, fire damage was minimal.  

James Whitmire, Fire Marshal, " Obviously, the sprinklers bank the smoke down, cool the room off. We can get in there. It helps us with our rescue efforts. It helps us with our suppression."

The Chattanooga City Council approved the ordinance in 2011.  

It requires establishments seating at least 100 people, which are open and serving alcohol after 11:00 p.m. to install sprinkler systems.  

It goes into effect in December.  If a nightclub does not have a sprinkler system installed, they could be closed.  Some bar owners have said it could cost up to a hundred thousand dollars.  And will put them out of business.  Owners like at the Comedy Catch are also upset because right now they're grandfathered in, the code says they're fine unless the authority says they're not safe.

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