(NBC) - Modern medicine has produced countless medications for seasonal allergies but sometimes the side effects, like dry mouth and trouble sleeping are just as bad as constant sneezing.

And that's why so many are turning to Mother Nature for relief.

But can a teaspoon of local honey a day really keep the doctor away?

NBC's Kim Wagner reports.

Dr. Victor Cohen has been practicing medicine his entire adult life and he's always busy during allergy season. 

In fact, treating seasonal allergies is his specialty and some of his patients come in on a regular basis for allergy shots.

He says the science, just doesn't support the theory. That raw local honey can cure seasonal allergies.

As for the people who swear honey is the cure all, he's not saying this is a bottle of snake oil.

In other words, he doesn't think they're lying, he thinks they really believe that the honey helps.

But a second opinion from your doctor never hurts.  Especially when it comes to you and your family's health.