DALTON, GA (WRCB) -- If you were to drive to every state capital in America it would take you about a year. It's roughly 15,000 miles.

If you were to walk that distance like Dalton High School graduate and USMC Veteran Mac McQuown you would know it's roughly 30,000,000 footsteps.

"Never surrender, hooah," said McQuown.

Through 2,000 miles of his 15,000 mile journey on foot, USMC Veteran Mac McQuown is no where near surrendering.

It's a two fold mission: he's raising awareness for Veterans and money for wounded and homeless veterans.

"I noticed our veterans were coming home and they seemed to be forgotten about," he said. "That didn't sit well with me. All 50 states have veterans, so what better way to bring attention to them than to walk to all 50 states."

McQuown, a Dalton High graduate, proudly walked down memory lane on Thursday. For the time, it erased the pain of swollen calves, blisters and athlete's foot.

When nothing else seems to do the trick, McQuown remembers why he's walking and the conversation he had with 24-year-old Army veteran Travis Mills.

Mills had all four limbs blown off by an IED.

"On the days where my body shuts down and mentally I want to quit... I think of Travis and millions like him. I think what do I have to complain about? My feet hurt? And I push on," said McQuown.

McQuown has already been up and down the East Coast. He's on his sixth pair of boots. Each pair he dedicates to a fallen veteran.

Each day he walks is dedicated to a wounded veteran.

Each step he takes he reminds himself this isn't about him.

"Yes, I'm a veteran. Yes, I'm the face you'll see with this story, but I'm just a vessel with a message. Every step I take, every day I walk, every hill that I conquer is possible because of all of them," said McQuown.

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After Dalton, McQuown will head to Montgomery, Alabama, and then to California, stopping at various U.S. Capitals on the way.