SPRING CITY, TN (WRCB) -- Rhea County deputies arrested three people as the result of a meth bust on Crosby Lane in Spring City.

Deputies say they received a tip of drug activity at the home from an anonymous source.

When officials investigated the tip, they reported a strong smell of chemicals from inside the home. They said they witnessed Casey Collins holding a plastic bag that contained Draino.

One of the occupants, Alfred Edwards fled the home.

Deputies searched the residence and found a wide variety of drug paraphernalia used to make meth and an active shake bottle. They also founds pills, needles and marijuana seeds.

The homeowner, Joseph Waldo Phillips, told police Edwards had brought the materials and he [Phillips] was only doing it for the money and that he had been out of work. Deputies said Phillips appeared intoxicated.

Phillips and Collins were arrested. Edwards turned himself in the next day.

All three received charges of drug manufacturing and possession of meth. Edwards was additionally charged with evading arrest.

They were booked in the Rhea County jail.