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City of Niota agrees to insurance extension

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NIOTA, TN (WRCB) -- Niota city officials have worked out a deal for a temporary extension of the city's insurance after a five-day lapse in coverage.

Athens Insurance worked on the city's behalf with the Tennessee Municipal League (TML) Pool on the 60-day extension which will allow the fire department, police department, garbage pickup, water meter readings and city employees to drive city-owned vehicles.

It also allows the city to re-open the city park, playground and basketball court.

City officials say this is only the second time in the history of the organization that the city's insurance has not been renewed.

Allen Carter, of Athens Insurance, says they have been negotiating with TML since before the insurance lapsed and TML "vehemently" refused requests.

They agreed to the extension Tuesday, making the coverage retroactive to the day the policy lapsed, April 19.

During the brief lapse in coverage, garbage pickup was canceled, the Niota city parks were closed, the police department shut down, and the fire department's resources were limited to the county truck.


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