CLEVELAND, OH (WKYC) -- It's been 25 years, but Lou Gentile still wonders what he really found inside the walls of Wexler's Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio's Old Brooklyn neighborhood.

Could the remains of Jimmy Hoffa be buried at the bar?

In 1988, while he and his business partner were stringing electrical cable behind the walls to the basement, they made a startling discovery: Seven football-sized packages, neatly wrapped in red butcher paper.

"I took the flashlight and shined it down on the first package that he [my partner] had cut open, and there was a hand," recalled Gentile. "In another one, there was part of a spinal column."

"I'm thinking, wow. These are human bones. And then all the history of the tavern came flooding back, that there was a connection with Jimmy Hoffa, and the people who were around the tavern at the time," he said.

Could the bones be that of the Teamster leader who disappeared in 1975? Hoffa's body has never been found and the mystery has led to several futile digs, including one as recently as September 2012 in a Detroit-area backyard.

Gentile's imagination went wild.

So Gentile disposed of the bones in the trash. Asked whether he was worried about whether he was disrupting a crime scene, Gentile says he was acting on the advice of police. Also, he says, at the time no one knew for certain that the bones were human.

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