CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Alma Tramble watched with curiosity as police officers combed the area around the home across the street from her Tuesday.

"It's been about 30, 45 minutes that they've been over there. This doesn't happen on this particular block," she explains.

Police were called to the 1800 block of South Willow Street for a home invasion Tuesday afternoon.

"She keeps about seven or eight kids, and I hope those kids weren't there," Tramble says.

Officers say the suspects took a small amount of cash and didn't harm anyone inside the home.

Still, that does little to ease Tramble's nerves.

"That scares me because that doesn't happen, it doesn't happen," she says.

She has good reason to be nervous. One day last summer changed her life forever.

"September 8th," she recalls.

On that day her granddaughter, Kenyeta Tramble, 21, was gunned down outside of her apartments in East Lake Courts.

Days later a man was arrested and charged with Tramble's murder. However, in December those charges were dropped. Investigators have yet to say where they stand in finding Tramble's killer.

"She never called me without saying, 'Grandma, I love you'. I'm going to miss that and her bubbly way. I'm going to miss her so much," Tramble told us last summer.

That was eight months ago.

While the pain of losing her granddaughter is still with her, Tramble has managed to move forward even if crime scenes unfold on her street.

"I won't be leaving no doors open after this, that's for sure," says Tramble.

She hopes one day justice will be served in her granddaughter's death.

No one has been charged with the home invasion on South Willow Street.