CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB)  --  Sunday marked this season's kick off for the 12th annual Chattanooga Market.

In that time the market has grown to be the region's largest authentic market, and it's still growing.

This year you'll find everything from strawberries to fresh greens and flowers. However, food is not the only item you'll find at the market. Local artists also sell their work there.

Whether it's the Moon Pie or the entertainment, everyone at the market truly takes the term "local is better" to heart.

"We certainly try our best to bring it here fresh and in great presentable condition, better than what you might expect at a grocery store," says farmer Brandon Smith.

"I just love being outside, enjoying the different arts and things they have here," Susan Patrick says.

Sunday's entertainment was provided by the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera. The Chattanooga Market is hosted every Sunday at the Tennessee Pavilion.