CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- A tragic accident Friday night in Chattanooga left a UTC student dead and another hurt. Witnesses who saw the aftermath are trying to cope.

The students we talked to said that night was an eye opener. The victim, Andrew Svgdik, was just 19 years old. His life was taken away from him in an instant.

"It didn't even hit us fully yet, I mean, a kid passed away last night right in front of our house," said UTC sophomore Dakota Morrison.

The mess is cleaned up, but the scene is still fresh in his mind. "I thought, once they said someone got hit, it was a car wreck, not a car and people. I just saw Kelsey sitting on the side, and they were getting the kid in the ambulance, Andrew.

Chattanooga Police said Svgdik died at the hospital after a woman hit him around 11:30 Friday night on Bailey Avenue, near the intersection of Kelly Street. The woman also hit Andrew's friend, Kelsey Butler. She is expected to be ok.

"I didn't know at first the severity. I thought someone had just been hit, but then I saw people crying, so I knew it was serious. It was shocking," said UTC sophomore Jordan Riggin, who also lives near the accident scene.

These students said it hurts to lose a fellow Moc. "We're wanting to buy some flowers and put it on the spot and let everyone know to just be careful, because this stuff can happen, I mean the kid was 19, and you know, it's awful." said Morrison.

Chattanooga Police said charges may be pending against the driver. UTC officials said they're in contact with Andrew's family to see if there will be any memorial service within the school.

Morrison and Riggin said their thoughts and prayers go out to Andrew's family, and now they'll always carry a stark reminder of just how precious life can be.