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Boston coverage grips Channel 3 viewing area

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- As new developments come out of Boston the entire nation continues to watch the news unfold. Although hundreds of miles away, people in the Channel 3 viewing area are gripped by the coverage.

"If it could happen in Boston, it could happen pretty much anywhere," says Hunter Vick.

People across the country and here in the Channel 3 viewing area are still processing what happened in Boston, amazed at how the events have impacted so many.

"It's definitely scary to know that all they did was walk in with a book bag and took out those three people plus injured all those other people who will forever be changed," says Megan Vick.

"It's sad to see someone with that much hatred in their heart to want to take somebody else's life just because of some difference in belief or religion or anything," says Hunter Vick.

"It's just one thing right after the other," says Emili Roberson.

A White Oak Barber Shop in Red Bank all eyes were glued to the television, watching the latest unfold. For Roberson, all the news this week has been a lot to take in.

"Just the loss of life. And the pictures you see breaks your heart," she says.

Roberson says watching the coverage has left her a little un-nerved.

"It bothers me to be the age that I am and it be this awful. I'm only 20 and I keep seeing the world get worse as it goes on."

Some of her other co-workers see things differently, saying it is more important than ever to stay strong as a nation.

"We're a target to the whole world and so the United like that, if they can install fear in the people, that's what they're trying to do," says one barber, Jonathan.

He says he will not let what has happened in Boston shake his freedom.

"I don't live in fear at all. Whatever happens tomorrow, happens tomorrow. I can't prevent whatever's going to happen. And by living fear, that's helping them win."

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