DAYTON (WRCB) - An earthquake rattled parts of Northwest Rhea County early Thursday morning.

It happened just after midnight Thursday morning. 

The website for the U.S. Geological Survey reports the quake as a 2.5 magnitude. 

The epicenter was located 6 miles NW of Dayton, 23 miles NNE of Soddy Daisy, and 25 miles NNE of Middle Valley. 

No damage was reported.   

Earthquakes with a magnitude of about 2.0 or less are usually called microearthquakes; they are not commonly felt by people and are generally recorded only on local seismographs.  Events with magnitudes of about 4.5 or greater are strong enough to be recorded by sensitive seismographs all over the world.

Western Tennessee covers part of the New Madrid Fault line.  A minor fault line runs through East Tennessee.