CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Two runners returned home from Boston Tuesday after competing in the Boston Marathon.

Trish Newsome and Sue Barlow arrived at the Chattanooga airport Tuesday evening.

Trish Newsome was holding back tears heading through the security gates into the arms of her loved ones.

Trish was just feet away from the finish line- the first location a powerful explosion erupted, killing three people and injuring close to 200.

She described what was going through her mind when the blast went off and what it was like being in the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty around her.

"My husband was suppose to be at the finish line, and he was supposed to be sitting in the stands, and when I realized what it was that was all I could think about," says Newsome.

"With the first explosion, everyone looked up and looked toward the John Hancock building - thinking of 911," says Newsome's husband, Mike.

"I heard a loud bang that sounded like a canon, turned around and saw a large smoke mushroom in the sky," says Barlow. "Then heard another and people all around said 'Oh my God, sounds like a bomb.'"

Both runners mentioned they are still left in shock, wondering why someone would do this. They expressed how grateful they are to now be back home.