LEE COUNTY, FL (WBBH) -- It was a wild morning inside Everglades Wonder Gardens in Bonita Springs as workers rushed to secure potentially dangerous animals.

Lee County detectives tell us 58-year-old Steven Trew cut the locks on the animal cages.

There was a little bit of good timing and quick thinking by a worker who prevented the situation from spiraling out of control. The locks on the cages housing dangerous animals like alligators and a mountain lion were cut wide open.

They probably would have wandered away and into the Bonita Springs community if it wasn't for one man.

"A mountain lion at five in the morning in Bonita Springs isn't a good. Ha!" said employee Jack Wollman.

Wollman now makes light of a terrifying situation.

"I was nervous...it's pitch black," he said.

Before sunrise, Wollman showed up for work to the shocking scene.

"As soon as I opened the gate there was a full buck standing there," he said.

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