CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB)  --  Five new city council members and the new mayor have this to think about, courtesy of outgoing Mayor Ron Littlefield, "this is day one of the most challenging, rewarding time perhaps in your life, a great adventure." 

Hundreds packed the Tivoli Theatre Monday for the city's inauguration ceremony.  

Some couldn't help but notice the council's new look. District 6's Carol Berz is now the only woman on city council.

"I want Councilperson Berz to make me a promise, that you'll keep all these males in line," the Honorable Neil Thomas jokes.

Jokes aside the city's newly elected officials face a daunting task.

"I hope that Mayor Berke will be able to bring into fruition his plans for the reduction of crime in our community and also treasuring every single child that has grown up in Chattanooga," citizen Dana Perry says.

Mayor Andy Berke outlined the city's triumphs and challenges.

"The city must focus on public safety, economic and community development and youth development,"

Berke says the city's crime focus should be on police, prosecution, punishment and prevention. Vague perhaps but Berke says it starts with individuals.

"Each of us has a role to play in the future of our city and I look forward to serving everyone," says Berke.