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Physically handicapped conquer rock climb

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- One by one - people gear up and climb a massive steep bolder called the stone fort Sunday.

Everyone was making it look easy, but there was a lot of prep work done weeks prior.

A handful of local organizations joined together to help people throughout Tennessee with disabilities overcome Sunday's rock climb.

Some donated blankets because it was cold outside, and many came out to cheer and offer support.  There were also therapists onsite.

The Climbing Higher program was designed to help folks conquer their physical and mental handicaps.  

Sunday was a major milestone for many that told us; they don't want anything get in their way.

"It's something else to say I can do this! I can do this just like everyone else can," says Sharon Stolberg.

"Its helpful for your emotional and your physical health, and it's a lot of fun," says Matthew Peel. 

The group plans to do the climb again next year.





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