EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) - We have new details on a man East Ridge Police say broke into a home and assaulted a man.

25-year-old Corey Harvey has a lengthy criminal history. His neighbors are on edge after this latest incident. They want him behind bars for a longer sentence this time around.  

East Ridge Police arrested Corey Harvey April 1st at a Brainerd restaurant. He'd been on the run after they say he broke into a neighbor's home.

Friday night, police served another warrant on him. This time it was for aggravated assault during that same break-in. They say he charged at a resident with a pole. His neighbors say they worry for their safety every time he makes bond.

"It's getting ridiculous," neighbor Michelle Strickland said.

The neighborhood says they've held meetings about protecting themselves from Corey Harvey.

"I have an alarm system in my house, and it was put up the next day when I found out not even 24 hours after he was released from jail again," Strickland said.

Harvey has a criminal record that dates back to 2007 and includes multiple theft and burglary charges. He's currently on probation in Hamilton County after pleading guilty to multiple counts of facilitation of aggravated burglary. This latest aggravated assault charge comes as no surprise to several neighbors we've talked to on Cedar Glen Circle who say he's broken into several of their homes in the past.

"He went to my neighbor's house and checked the front door. I was wondering why and I just watched him. He gave a quick look back and hopped the fence," one neighbor, who didn't want to be identified said.

"We just want safety around there. We want to be able to be protected. The cops are doing everything they can," Strickland said.

East Ridge Police say Harvey is one of many they arrest time and time again. They say they actually arrest more repeat offenders than new ones. Neighbors argue it's a problem with the court system and there should be stricter penalties.

"I think he needs to go away for awhile. Apparently while he's been in jail before it's not teaching him any lesson whatsoever," Strickland said.

Channel 3 spoke to his dad, who said the police and neighbors are out to get his son.