WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) - Early Tuesday morning, a chilling call was received by Whitfield County 911.  Ricky Grice lay stabbed and dying in his truck. Alexa Blubaugh was on the phone. 

Operator: "Who are you moving out of the driver's seat and why?"

Blubaugh: "Ricky. I don't know his last name. I just met him a couple of days ago. I'm moving him because Jonathan just stabbed him."

Operator: "Jonathan stabbed him?"

Blubaugh: "Yes, with his knife."

The "Jonathan" Blubaugh accuses is her boyfriend: Jonathan Durden.  The two had lived together in a home on Quinn Road in Rocky Face for some time.  They had reportedly been arguing and overnight the morning of March 9th, she had called Grice to pick her up.

Blubaugh says Durden, enraged, got to Grice through the open truck window.  She explained to the operator, his wounds were numerous.

Operator: "Where did Jonathan stab him? Where is his stab wound?"

Blubaugh: "He's got them everywhere."

Operator: "Everywhere?"

Blubaugh: "On his stomach and on his face."

Operator: "On his face and where?

Blubaugh: "On his stomach."

Operator: "On his face and stomach?"

Blubaugh: "Yes." 

According to neighbors, Blubaugh jumped into the truck with the victim and tried to escape, but the vehicle became stuck.  At one point during the call, Durden apparently approached the truck.

Blubaugh: "Jonathan's coming down here! Jonathan's coming down, Jonathan's coming down!

Operator: "Is he there?"

Blubaugh: "He's coming down!"

Operator: "You see him?"

Blubaugh: Yes! He's right in front of the car. He's right in front of the car."

Operator: "Lock the doors on the truck that you're in."

Blubaugh: "Okay."

When Whitfield County Deputies arrived, Durden, reportedly still grasping the bloody knife, taunted the officers, telling them to shoot him.  On the recording, the operator is heard telling Blubaugh to try to quell the bleeding from Grice's wounds. 

Blubaugh: "Ricky, come on, man.  You need to live for me, buddy.  Come on, I need you!  Come on, buddy."

Operator: "Okay, I need you to put the shirt on his wound where he's bleeding and apply pressure to try to stop the bleeding."

Blubaugh: "I'm trying, ma'am."

Operator: "Just keep applying pressure, we've got officers coming to you as quick as they can." 

During the call, Grice's injuries caused him to lose consciousness. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Blubaugh: "He's not breathing."

Operator: "He's not breathing?"

Blubaugh: "No, he's breathing, he's breathing."

Operator: "He is?"

Blubaugh: "Ricky!"

Operator: "Is he unconscious?"

Blubaugh: "Yes, ma'am."

Durden was taken into custody, claiming that Grice pulled a gun on him and that is why he stabbed him. Blubaugh says that account is not true.

Durden is still behind bars without a bond.

We reached out to investigators to follow up with more questions. They say the District Attorney's Office informed them not to release any more information about the case.

Durden's girlfriend, Alexa Blubaugh, was also arrested. Police charged her for possession of meth and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. Authorities say they found drugs on her when they responded to the stabbing.