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Boy on bike hits SUV, critical but stable condition

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CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - A Bradley County 11-year-old is in critical but stable condition, after hitting an SUV while riding his bike.

It happened around 4 p.m. Wednesday in the 4800 block of Bates Pike in Cleveland. Bradley County investigators do not believe the boy was wearing a helmet.         

The boy's dad tells Channel 3, Jeffrey Hussey, Jr. is in a medically-induced coma at T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital. Jeffrey Hussey, Senior says he's happy to report his son is squeezing his hand back when he holds it.

"He's a typical little boy-- golf carts, bicycles and he's very outgoing in sports," grandmother Debra Rodriguez says.

That little boy is now fighting for his life. His grandmother, Debra Rodriguez says his mom had just dropped him off at a friend's house. The kids were riding bikes in the parking lot of Union Grove Church of Christ.

"She heard the sirens. She tried calling his cell phone and he didn't answer. Just mother's intuition, she turned and went back," Rodriguez says.

"He was exiting the church parking lot into Bates Pike where it appears he actually struck the left fender of the SUV," Bradley County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Bob Gault said Wednesday.

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office says he rode into traffic, hitting the SUV 54-year-old Sylvia Peels was driving.

"I just want the woman that was involved in this to know that we in no way blame her. She's in our thoughts and prayers as well. I can just imagine what this poor woman must be going through," Rodriguez says.

She says she's actually thankful it was a responsible driver going by at that exact moment.

"People speed and they fly down Bates Pike and praise God this woman was doing the speed limit. I mean 35 mph. I want to thank her for abiding by the speed limit. That may be have been what save this child's life," Rodriguez says.

Jeffrey's dad told Channel 3 over the phone from his son's bedside that his skull is fractured and he's only breathing on his own about half of the time.

The family's asking for continued prayers.

"I'm so thankful we're part of a community that believes so much in the faith of the Lord. That's the real thing we're hanging onto right now," Rodriguez says.

The boy is a fifth grader at Taylor Elementary School. His family says teachers and the principal have also been at his bedside.

The sheriff's office says they haven't received an update from the driver since she went to the hospital Wednesday night for chest pains.


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