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Crime Stoppers: Brainerd Subway burglary

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CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB) - With the help of Subway's never sleeping surveillance cameras, this week we have a chance to justice. The restaurant is a familiar sight along well-traveled Brainerd Road. But, in the overnight hours of March 1st, this guy thought no one was looking, and decided to make his move.

"We actually see a black male, an older black male, take an object, we don't know whether it was a rock or, it was definitely was a hard object, and throw it into the window to break the window," explained Sgt. Daniel Jones referencing the security video.

The bad guy breaks glass, kicks it out, then, makes quick work, heading right for the till. "Once he jumps the front counter," continued Sgt. Jones, "he takes the register and actually slams it against the floor, breaking it open."

After he manhandling the cash drawer, he grabbed as many bills and coins he could carry and dashed back out around the rear of the store.

Have a close look at the video and pictures. On this morning, he was wearing a tan jacket, a blue knit cap, jeans and he looks to have a beard. "He's a pretty good size man," said Jones. "He's not a slender man. He's got some broad shoulders to him. So, it's definitely going to be someone that someone's gonna notice, even if he shaves today."

Detectives believe this suspect frequents the Brainerd area. Maybe you have seen him in a store or a restaurant, or even out for a walk in the daylight hours. Your information could earn you a cash reward. Help us interrupt his life of crime. "It's just not only money out of the business," Jones added, "but it's also money out of the pocket of the business owner and he's trying to pay the employees to work there. This is definitely somebody that's just taking money out of the community."

Up to a thousand dollars in reward cash is waiting for someone. If you know this guy, have heard of him, or think you may have seen him walking around Brainerd, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Remember, a police officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask you for your identity.

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