BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Learning the names and faces of students can be a challenge for teachers.

At Walker Valley High School, the faculty and staff noticed several students in their student body were siblings.

That really doesn't sound uncommon, until they realized the student body had 20 sets of twins.

"I knew we had some, but when we had 20 -- I had no idea. That was the surprising part of that to me!" says principal Danny Coggin.

The number was a surprise to both students and school leaders.

"They have that shocked look on their face of 'there are this many?' They were surprised as well as I was. So it's really neat," says Coggin.

"We really don't notice it that much, I thought it was pretty cool," say twins Brandon and Nick Brumlow. "Once you get all of us together, it's just a lot of them

The Brumlows are seniors. Their younger twin cousins, Hannah and Morgan Stegall, are sophomores, and they say it's sometimes hard to be apart.

"I have separation anxiety. She's always with me except for in class."

Many of the students have been together since elementary school. Justin and Jason Weary are fraternal twins and say sometimes teachers can't even tell them apart.

"Some of them call me his name and some of them call him mine."

The twin brothers say they pretty much do everything together, they even talk in unison. They both plan to attend Tusculum College and play football. 

The brothers say they love having a built-in friend-- most of the time.

"You always got a friend but you always have to share a room," they say.

"Always fighting, she comes up to me and hits me all the time," say the Stegalls.

Along with 20 sets of twin students, the school also has four faculty members who have a twin.