CAGLE MOUNTAIN, TN (WRCB) -- It's just a charred shell when you take a look at what's left of Daryl Wilson's work garage on Black Mountain Road on Cagle Mountain.

"This is heart breaking because me and my sons built this."

It's still hot in some places, but it burned Tuesday morning leaving his tools, car for his son, and worst of all, years of memories, destroyed.

"That was supposed to go to him. Now it is all gone."

He believes the fire started on a side of his fence which is a blind spot for his security cameras.

What you can see is the fire raging and the Wilson grabbing his own water hose to put it out.

"I ran in here and was trying to put it out but it was hot and even through my shirt I was burning."

You can see in the security footage the smoke start then lead to a full inferno in just minutes.

It took 12 minutes for firefighters to get there according the time on the footage, and just minutes to put out the flames; however, nothing could be saved.

Wilson believes troublemakers in the area got revenge on him for speaking out against their drug use.

"I strongly believe someone did this because I am against all this meth making, selling, and dealing on this road."

According to the Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office there have been several arrest on this road involving meth charges.

That's only part of his concerns.

Wilson says the cameras and five Rottweiler dogs came in to place when someone came in his yard and jumped him.

He says now things have gone a step too far.

"As you see it is gone. It is totally gone."

The fire department hasn't said what started the fire, but are investigating.

If you would like to help Wilson with any donated items he can be reached at