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3 On Your Side: Woman now at home after tree destroyed house

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB)  --  Shearon Gass was on the verge of giving up when we met her in August, 2012.

Her home sat in shambles for more than a year after a 150-year-old oak tree nearly split it in half during Tropical Storm Lee. Shearon had gone to bed minutes before the tree crashed through her living room.

"I had an angel with me that night cause there's no way I shouldn't have still been sitting there when it happened," she says.

However, the rebuilding process turned into a nightmare until Channel 3 stepped in to help get her the money she was owed by her insurance company.

"You guys have just followed it through and been there every step of the way and without you I can sincerely say this, it would not have happened. I'm just so thankful for you intervening in this," Shearon explains.

It has been a long 18 months but Shearon can finally walk through her front door again. "All I could do was just praise God. I was so thankful for being home," she says.

The once gaping hole in her living room has been replaced with a new ceiling and wooden beams. Outside a massive root structure serves as a constant reminder of how close Shearon came to loosing her life.

"It just wasn't my time to go," she says.

She's all smiles now and says she has a new outlook on life.

"Your material things can be ripped from you in a blink. They can be gone and all you truly have is the people in your life that love you and care about you so you can't take anything for granted," says Shearon.

Her family portraits may be gone forever but now she has a new home to build memories in.

"I hope I never have to leave here again," says Shearon. "Without your help it would not have happened...a huge chunk of gratitude that I will never be able to repay but it's awesome."

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