(NBC) - Amid the lights and the crowds in Times Square this has become an all too common sight. People dressed like children's characters, posing for pictures for money.

Parmita Kurada and her family experienced the worst of this new trend on Sunday when they visited Times Square.

Kurada says a man in an Elmo costume picked up her 2 year old son to pose for a picture. but once they were done, she says the man in the Cookie Monster costume demanded to be paid. When she told him her husband needed to get cash, she claims cookie monster became belligerent.

While Kurada waited for her husband to get money, she says Cookie Monster was yelling at her. and at one point, pushed the stroller so hard that little Samay tumbled out onto the ground.

Prosecutors say Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez was the man in the Cookie Monster costume, only today he traded in his suit for a sweatshirt. His counterpart at work who wears the Elmo costume, attended his court hearing and off camera, said that Quiroz-Lopez had been working this job for 3 years and has no criminal record.

But the Kuradas won't soon forget their run-in especially not Samay who loves Sesame Street, but can no longer bear to see or play with the big blue monster.