MORRISVILLE, NC (WNCN) --  A dog left paralyzed from years of neglect in a puppy mill now has a new set of wheels.  

Ricky Bobby was rescued from a puppy mill in Sampson County, North Carolina last month. He and seven other dogs have been getting nursed back to health at Morrisville's Care First animal hospital.

Ricky Bobby suffers from a hardened disc in his hind quarters. The condition went untreated for years and has left him unable to use his hind legs. Veterinary technician Megan Bliss adopted him last month.

"He had sores on his, on the underside of his body where he was dragging," Bliss said. "His mouth was a wreck. His teeth were basically rotting out of his mouth."

Ricky Bobby now only has four teeth left and to help him scoot around, one of her clients gave her the inspiration to build him a cart. It's made of PVC pipe, donated baby stroller wheels, zip ties and some screws.  It cost her a total of $11. She says professional carts can cost $300 or more.  Now, she can't keep him away.

"He follows me everywhere, whether he's in his cart or not, so he likes to stay right by me and that's where he's happiest," Bliss said.

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