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Gun laws expand and get tougher, depending where you live

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(NBC) Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy celebrated the enactment of a sweeping control bill, surrounded by families of victims in the Newtown shootings.

The law expands background checks and adds 100 guns to the list of banned assault weapons.

"I hope this is an example to the rest of the nation," said Governor Dannel Malloy.

Gun rights advocate what Erich Pratt calls the new restrictions misguided.

"It's going to have no impact whatsoever, Connecticut already had one of the toughest bans on semi-automatic," said Gun Owners of America's Erich Pratt.

In Washington the chances of passing new federal fun laws are in jeopardy.

The law center to prevent gun violence says, lawmakers in 14 states have passed bills easing gun restrictions since the Newtown shootings, while only seven states have strengthened them.

"I think they understand we have tried restricting firearms and it hasn't worked," said Pratt.

In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed congress for action.

Bloomberg praised his own city's success in reducing teen gun violence through strict enforcement.

"Teens in the rest of the country are now- more than twice a likely to carry a hand gun as teens in New York City," said Bloomberg.

At a memorial for Martin Luther King, who was assassinated 45-years ago today there are more demands for gun control.

But everything may not be enough to sway congress on the issue of guns.

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