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Fire forces out family out 4 hours after moving in

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Four fire units were on hand to help battle the flames. It happened in the 100 block of Isbill Lane. The family moved in no more than five hours before the fire forced them out.

"Everything that I was fixing to start getting used to is gone," said Taylor Bennett.

Taylor, Coty Morrow and their seven month old son Dallas moved in to their newly leased home Tuesday afternoon, hours later a fire forced them out.

Bennett said, "We were just getting back on our feet, he got laid off in January and is just getting back to work. Everything we worked so hard for is gone."

Moments after laying down for bed a friend driving by called to alert the couple that their screened in back porch was on fire.

"It looked like it was just the garbage can on fire, I don't know how it caught on fire, but it started to grow and grow and grow," said Bennett.

The Chattanooga Fire Department said the fire started by improperly discarded cigarettes but Taylor and Coty say that couldn't have been the cause.

"Time to start over I guess but I got my family, that's all that matters," said Bennett.

The fire spread to the kitchen costing the family thousands of dollars worth of food and kitchen ware. Their clothes and furniture are all but ruined. Unscathed in the rubble were ultrasound pictures from baby Dallas.

Bend but not break, Taylor says they'll push on like they always have.

"There's a reason why we're still here and a reason why God got our friends to drive by the house last night, and there's a reason why we all got out okay," said Bennett.

The landlord said she does have insurance on the home but the family didn't have renters insurance, they were planning to get it this week. They're meeting with Red Cross to get more assistance.

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