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Friends or rivals in 2016?

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WASHINGTON (NBC) -- There's lots more talk this morning about whether Hillary Clinton may run for President in 2016 after she spoke at Washington's Kennedy Center last night.

Vice President Joe Biden - another potential Presidential candidate - was also in attendance.

Former first lady, senator, and secretary of state. She's got an impressive resume, and hasn't ruled it out.

Sharing the stage, Hillary Clinton and the Vice President complimented each other. "There's no woman like Hillary Clinton and that's a fact," said Vice President Biden.

"Vice President Biden and I have worked together on so many important issues," said Former Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton.

But their mere presence together - her first since stepping down as Secretary of State - is fueling questions this morning about whether either may run for President in 2016. "More than anyone in the United States, it's Joe Biden who's waiting to see what Hillary Clinton's going to do, because if she gets in, it's going to be very difficult for him to make the race,"  said CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent  John Harwood.

Both can draw big cash. But Clinton has two things Biden doesn't:

Higher favorability ratings - 67% to 48% in January's Washington Post poll -- and a new political action committee.

Supporters rallied outside last night's event.

Their website went live Tuesday. "American politics is always an open competition, but I have no-- you know, I have no position on any of this," said the Former. Secretary of State.  

That was January, but the woman Clinton honored at Tuesday's "vital voices" global leadership awards thinks she'd make a good candidate: "I think she can do whatever she sets her mind to doing," said Melanne Verveer, Fmr. U.S. Ambassador at Large for Global Women's Issues.

Side by side for now, but perhaps rivals in 2016.

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