MARION COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) - Channel 3 is learning more about how a Marion County father accidentally shot his teenage son. The shooting happened at the family's home near South Pittsburg Thursday around 6:30 p.m. CDT.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office says Kenneth Fagin was in his Kelly Cove Road home working on his 9mm gun. They say he'd just put a firing pin in it, and stepped out on the back porch to test it out.

"He thought he was in the house and the woods was real thick so he didn't realize the son was in the woods," Marion County Sheriff Ronnie "Bo" Burnett says.

When Kenneth Fagin fired the 9mm into the woods surrounding his house, the bullet shot 200 feet straight into his 13-year-old son's left shoulder.

"Another couple inches, it could've been fatal," Sheriff Burnett says.

Fagin drove the teen to Grandview Medical Center in his own car. The hospital notified the Marion County Sheriff's Office. Then he was transported to the Children's Hospital in Chattanooga.

"It came in the backside and just lodged in his shoulder," Sheriff Burnett says.

They say the boy had surgery to remove the bullet, and is in good condition.

Detectives went back to the Kelly Cove Road home to see if anything looked suspicious or if an accident was likely.

"As of right now, it looks like it's accidental," Sheriff Burnett says.

"It's scary, you know, and I hate to hear something like that," neighbor, Billy Cecil Havner says.

Neighbors say it isn't at all unusual for Fagin to be shooting into the woods around his house.

"I've known him for a long time, the daddy. He brings them up here and shoots them all the time. I don't know what he's doing it for, you know, he's just shooting them," Havner says.

Havner's grandson is in the shooting victim's seventh grade class at South Pittsburg. He says the boys do like to play in the woods around there. Sheriff Burnett hopes this is a wake up call to all gun owners in rural, wooded areas.

"You never know if you just fire in the woods, you don't who's up there, so be real careful," Sheriff Burnett says.

"I keep mine locked up and with the kids around, I don't fool with my guns," Havner says.

Havner says he's just glad to hear the boy does not have life-threatening injuries.

"I just hope the kid does good," Havner says.

Fagin released this statement Friday: "This was just an accident and Harley is doing fine. He's had surgery, did great, and understands everything that is going on. Right now he's a typical 13-year-old boy in a hospital bed. He's been watching Spongebob this afternoon and is eating fine."