DALTON, GA (WRCB) -- A joint effort between the city of Dalton and state workers has led to an overhaul of one of the busiest intersections in Dalton.

Andrew Parker, project manager,  and Alex Rice, traffic signal foreman, of the Dalton Public Works Department, and Chad Wilkie of  the District 6 office of the Georgia Department of Transportation worked together to better synchronize the intersections on Cleveland Highway and North Bypass.

Officials made adjustments in the signal timing plan each day Monday, March 11 through Wednesday, March 13 and by the last day they saw significant improvement in traffic flow.

"When we came back Thursday morning, we were very pleased with the results," Parker said. "We were clearing the majority of the vehicles coming into town southbound very well, and the east-bound and west-bound traffic was moving well, too."

Officials coordinated seven signals in all, starting at North Georgia EMC and Cleveland Highway and coming south to Glenwood Avenue and Legion Drive.

"We saw all seven signals be green at the same time," Parker said, "and we were very, very pleased with that. We've had a lot of good compliments since we came up with that final timing plan."

State DOT has told Parker it will provide a traffic engineering firm to do a comprehensive study of the traffic along Cleveland Highway, collecting traffic counts and using sophisticated computerized models to come up with the best possible signal timing plan possible. The plan will also coordinate with signals on Fleming Street, Reed Road,  Chattanooga Avenue, and North Thornton Avenue.