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Runners risk stress fractures when training too quickly

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(KPLC)  When it comes to race training, "No pain, No gain" is a common motto for hard-core runners. But when the pain is more than some soreness or muscle stiffness, it is time to stop.

Crutches were never a part of Christy Bertrand's race plan for a 5K in February.  

"It was a less than two week time period we were going to try to do this and it would be the first time I ever competed in a 5K," she said.

Bertrand has always been active, but running was something she had not done for several years.

 "We had muscle strains and things like that, but expected to have sore muscles," said Bertrand.

Race day started out great for Bertrand, but then came the pain.  

"I was about two miles in and I started to get a pain in my left knee," she said.

That pain only increased and eventually landed Bertrand in the care of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Geoffrey Collins.

"The overexertion can go from nothing to running a couple of miles or running a couple of miles to training for an event where they really have to increase their distance," he said.

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