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Hunger Study

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The Chattanooga Area Food Bank feeds more than 20-thousand people around the Tennessee Valley each week.

Jonathan Evans, Community Outreach Manager says "Hunger is very diverse, everyone from families to children to the elderly to the working poor."

That's why the Food Bank is participating in the National Hunger in America Study along with nearly 200 other food banks across the country. When completed, this will be the largest study of charitable food assistance in the United States.

Jonathan Evans says "The first and most important thing is to gain a better understanding of clients and advocate for public policy."

Jonathan says the Chattanooga Area Food Bank wants to look at not just providing food, but giving families healthy nutritious options. That's why they have started targeted food drives.

Jonathan says "So when a group calls to host a food drive we let them know the items that we really need whether that be proteins or vegetables or what not."



As part of this study, the Chattanooga Area Food Bank is recruiting volunteers over the age of 18 from the community to help administer this survey at their various facilities. It runs from Mid April through August. Call 423.622.1800 if you would like to volunteer  or go to



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