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Married To Medicine

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Get ready to meet six very outspoken, driven, and at times high strung women who call Atlanta home. A mix of doctors and doctors wives.

Mariah Huq says "I think the entire purpose of the show was to give them an inside look inside the lab coats or the wonderful world of medicine."

I Sat down with the show's producer, a native Chattanoogan, who also happens to be one of those housewives.


Mariah says "Being married to medicine has been a huge sacrifice but I would do it all over again because it has taught me so much and let me know it was something bigger than me. "


Married to Medicine not only chronicles their ability to juggle their careers, families and social lives,

but things get pretty emotional at times.

Mariah says "We have phenomenal characters in this show, everybody is real, every woman has something that other women can relate to."

And then at other times, things definitely get a bit out of hand.

Mariah says "This isn't just cattiness we deal with real issues on a daily basis."

But Mariah says it's all part of the world they live in, and they're not holding back, giving viewers a first hand look at the real problems and issues they face, and she's glad to have the support of her hometown.

Mariah says "it is very sentimental feeling because this is where I started. I call this home. I can't think of a better place to enjoy this moment with my family."

She's started here, and for this Chattanooga native time will only tell just where she will finish.


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Married to Medicine

Series Premiere

March 24



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