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Summerville mom arrested for school threat on Facebook

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SUMMERVILLE, GA. (WRCB) - A north Georgia mom is arrested, charged with "terroristic threats or acts," after Chattooga County Sheriff's detectives were shown a post she made on Facebook regarding her child's school.

The Chattooga County Sheriff's Office says April Chitwood turned herself in Wednesday. They say the Summerville mom admitted to posting a comment on Facebook about blowing up Leroy Massey Elementary School.

"You really need to think about what you're going to say before you say it, or in this case, before you post it on Facebook," Chatooga County Sheriff's Office Detective Eddie Colbert says.

Detective Colbert says the threatening post was removed from Facebook by the time reports started coming in to the sheriff's office, but one witness snapped a picture of the screen while it was up. It showed it was written by Summerville mom, April Chitwood.

"She was actually speaking in third person," Det. Colbert says.

It read, "If April is too chicken to blow the d*** school up, I will."

"It's somebody we need to deal with and see what the problem is. I mean, that's not somebody you'd blow off and say don't worry about that," Det. Colbert says.

He says she was referring to her child's school, Leroy Massey Elementary. It was posted March 1, after school let out. When detectives tracked her down that night, they say she was in the hospital seeking mental treatment.

She turned herself in this week.

"She knew immediately she had done wrong," Det. Colbert says.

Detectives think there has to be more explanation for the threat than what she says motivated her to write it.

"Our understanding, yes, is that it was picture day and miscommunications as far as what was sent home about picture day. It upset her," Det. Colbert says.

Chitwood is charged with "terroristic threats or acts," a felony.

Local parents say they agree with the charge that could mean several years in jail, saying the reason or the fact it was on Facebook, shouldn't matter.

"Any threat against children should always be taken seriously, because you never know the kind of state of mind that the person is in," parent, Mitsie Craig says.

"If they saw it on there and thought it was a joke and didn't take it seriously, what if there's a possibility she could've really done it to the school? I think they did the right thing," parent, Barbara Blasengame says.

Investigators say Chitwood is seeking mental health treatment since bonding out of jail. She has been ordered not go near any schools until she goes before a judge.

Again, the Facebook comment was posted after school hours on a Friday, so Leroy Massey Elementary did not have to go on a lock down.

Chitwood does not have a criminal history.

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