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Ocoee Outfitters Association board officer indicted on bank fraud

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POLK COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A board officer for the Ocoee River Outfitters Association faces check-kiting charges.

Federal officials say Jennifer Perdew devised a scheme to defraud the First Bank of Tennessee.

Investigators say Perdew would write checks drawn on two other banks that were not backed by sufficient funds on deposit in those banks. She would then deposit the checks in the Ocoee River Outfitters Association accounts.

Investigators say she also withdrew monies from the accounts at First Bank of Tennessee before
the bank discovered that the deposits were backed by insufficient funds, causing a Joss to First
Bank of Tennessee.

The overdrafts caused a loss of $317,365.25.

Perdew was indicted on one count of bank fraud.

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