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Mayor Littlefield: "We have left the city better than we found it"

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield addressed the city for one last time Monday night as its leader.

In his 'State of the City' speech he pointed to EPB's new fiber optic system, Volkswagen and McKamey Animals Center as a few of his most proud contributions.

"We have definitely left the city better than we found it," Littlefield said during his final speech that lasted about an hour.

Littlefield touted the progress his administration has made over the last eight years.

"Alstom, Amazon, Gestamp, Volkswagen," Littlefield listed. "It's not an exaggeration to say that this administration these eight years ... during this time we've installed a new manufacturing heart in this old industrial city."

In front of a crowd of about 100, Littlefield highlighted how he's made good on promises made during the 2005 campaign, including tackling the city's gang problem with a program called Stop the Madness. A program that city council members chose not to fund.

"As soon as my administration took office we took steps to implement that program that had shown great success in fort Wayne, Indiana," he reminded the crowd.

Littlefield pointed to the newly created gang task force and a 56 percent increase in police budget over eight years.

"I take exception to claims that our police officers have been short changed or slighted in any way by this administration," he said, "Don't believe what you hear from the police unions, it's their business to be unhappy."

And to the administration to replace his, he had these words.

"I cannot overstate the responsibility that you are assuming as we place this city that we love, this most transformed city in America, into your hands."

Mayor-elect Andy Berke will take office on April 15th.

As one of his last acts, Littlefield named the community theater after late Mayor Robert Kirk Walker.

Littlefield promised Walker he'd complete the renovation of the theater.

Tonight's 'State of the City' was the first event to be held in the theater since its remodel.


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