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Teen saves family from fire

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DALTON, GA (WRCB) --  A 16-year-old is being credited with saving his younger siblings from a house fire early Thursday morning in Dalton.

The family had five smoke alarms, but only one worked. Luckily, it woke up16-year-old Alex Pellecer. The Dalton Fire Department is now crediting him with saving the lives of three others.

"The fireman said that if it wasn't for that, we'd be dead. Burned alive," says Pellecer.

Pellecer woke up to the faint ringing of his family's only working smoke alarm.

"I saw flames so I went to the sink to get a cup of water because it didn't look that bad. Then I saw it was in the roof and there was a lot of smoke so I went and got the kids and that's when I called the fire department."

Pellecer's mom was at work, so he woke up his three younger siblings. He rushed them outside unharmed.

A move that DFD Battalion Chief Todd Pangle says likely saved four lives.

"That's what we would rather people do instead of trying to take matters into their own hands is protect life first and get out, then we'll take care of the fire part when we get there."

The home on Rowena Street had five smoke alarms hard wired to the house but only one was working. Alex said they will change the broken alarms as soon as they move back in.

Battalion Chief Pangle says the difference between a working and a non-working alarm can and has proven to be life and death.

"They're not doing a lot of good if they're not working. This Sunday is time changing time so it's time to check you smoke detectors make sure they're working that way you know in a time of emergency they're functioning correctly."

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