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Chattanooga Police say beware of two suspects impersonating police officers

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Chattanooga Police are looking for two suspects wanted for impersonating police officers.

The suspects approached an elderly resident on Grove Street, claimed to be officers and showed the victim what appeared to be a police badge.  

The suspects told the victim they were investigating a fraud complaint and needed him to withdraw cash and then re-deposit it to be traced. The victim drove one of the suspects to withdraw the cash and then back to Grove Street where the suspects left with the cash-in-hand. 

The suspects are described as: 

  • Suspect 1:  Black male between 60-70 years old.  Medium build about 5'11"  tall and 190lbs balding, and dressed in a suit.
  • Suspect 2:  Black male, between 40-50 years old.  Thin build about 6' tall and dressed in a suit. 

Investigators are asking your help in identifying the suspects and to be aware of these men. Police officers will not have fraud victims withdraw cash for an investigation

If anyone approaches you and claims to be a police officer and they are out of uniform, ask for their police identification or call dispatch at 423-698-2525 to for confirmation. 

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call the Chattanooga Police Department.

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