UPDATE: Charges were dropped against three people accused of abuse and neglect in 2013 while working at a local nursing home.

The office of Hamilton County District Attorney General Neal Pinkston confirmed to Channel 3, charges against David and Agnes Machoka and Margaret Adhiambo were dropped.

The assisted living center is reopening under a new name after the trio was arrested for elder abuse at what was then called Moraa's Assisted Living Home for Seniors in Collegedale. Moraa's was shut down in 2013. 

The couple who owned Moraa's changed the name to "Friendship Haven" and moved the facility to Chattanooga.

PREVIOUS STORY: Haley McDonald and her grandmother Heidi McFarlend are relieved to know their loved one, 96-year-old Gertrude, is no longer in the care of David and Agnes Machoka and Margaret Adhiambo. The trio now face a slew of charges including abuse and neglect.

"How could you do that to somebody," McDonald asks.

"Mother complained to me quite a bit about what was going on at night when they were put to bed," says McFarlend.

McDonald says a family member found Moraa's Assisted Living online. It cost $2,000 a month but the first day she visited she felt something was off.

"I wanted her out of there. I said I don't want to leave her there. I'll go up there and pick her up myself, she's not staying there and getting abused," McDonald explains.

She recalls seeing the nursing home's only employee, Adhiambo or "Maggie," care for her great-grandmother's roommate.

"I saw her, Maggie, throw the patient on the bed and push her down with her shoulders," McDonald says.

Gertrude was a patient at the home for one week, when her family took her out of there and notified police. While at a hospital, McDonald noticed her great-grandmother was dehydrated and looked to be a victim of abuse.

"She had bruises on her," McDonald says. "There were finger prints by her knees."

Collegedale police also found that two patients were previously removed due to suspicion of neglect and abuse. Their medical records show they were not receiving proper medication while at Moraa's.

McFarlend hopes this serves as a wake up call for anyone who has loved ones in assisted living.

"Check on your family members. Let them know you love them, you just didn't put them away," McFarlend says.

Investigators also found the house was not in compliance with the fire code, and the owners, the Machokas, neglected to correct a number of previous violations.

Gertrude's family is moving forward with legal advice.