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Horse meat on your plate?

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SOLON, OH (WKYC) -- Nestle USA's plant in Solon, Ohio employs 7,000 people.  

It's one of nine processing facilities in the U.S. and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In a statement relating to what happened to their European counterpart, Nestle SA, they say they are confident that no foods sold by Nestle USA are affected.

"Nestle USA does not use meat sourced from Europe. USDA meat inspectors are in all processing plants and also have responsibility to oversee any imported meat. We received confirmation from all our meat suppliers that they do not provide Nestle USA with any meat from the affected countries and companies."

According to a USDA spokesman, the U.S. Federal Meat Inspection Act requires a USDA inspector be present at all 6,200 American slaughterhouses to ensure that carcasses are not diseased, unclean or mislabeled.

USDA inspectors are at all ports of entry to the United states and randomly check samples of imported beef and poultry.

Horse meat looks like beef and tastes slightly different but eating will not make you sick if it came from a healthy animal.  It's just culturally inappropriate and fraudulent to sell something labeled as something else.

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