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After the storm: "I've probably looked at that picture a hundred times"

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Jim and Jennie Hood embrace as they get a look at the damage. (Courtesy: Chattanooga Times Free Press) Jim and Jennie Hood embrace as they get a look at the damage. (Courtesy: Chattanooga Times Free Press)

HARRISON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - This weekend will mark one year since a massive storm caused damage in 18 Tennessee counties.

On March 2, 2012 there were 75 tornado warnings issued across the state.

In Hamilton County 17 people were injured and hundreds of homes damaged.

A Chattanooga Times Free Press photographer captured Jim and Jennie Hood's reunion on camera that day.

Jim was a work.

Jennie was home alone when an EF-3 tornado devastated Short Tail Springs Road.

Now they look at the picture to remember the moment they knew they still had each other.

"I've probably looked at it a hundred times," said Jim Hood.

It's a picture Jim Hood says helps him remember the relief he felt when he reached Short Tail Springs Road on March 3, 2012 to find his wife alive.

Jim was at work when an tornado took everything but Jennie, who was hiding under a staircase.

"I know the sound of a tornado," said Jennie, "but the feeling of having the door knob taken out of my hand is indescribable."

The couple's two-story home was lifted off its foundation and scattered.

Jennie dug out from under the debris, as Jim made a made a dash through the woods to reach his street.

"When I came up the hill over there," he said, pointing across the street, "that was the first time ..." he stopped, visibly shaken by his own words.

It was the first time Jim would see his tornado ravaged neighborhood.

His home for 22 years was nothing but a pile of broken memories.

In the midst of the mess stood Jennie. She made it out with only a scratch on her shoulder.

"She was standing out here with my neighbor waving at me like I was the one who had been through a tornado," laughed Jim.

"(I thought) he's here, we're both together again, we made it," remembered Jennie.

Now a year later, what was broken has been mended and the Hoods are stronger at the seams.

"The love that we have is stronger," Jennie said, staring lovingly at Jim, "we are very seldom apart now."

The Hood family was one of the first families to rebuild on Short Tail Springs Road. Others have not made as much progress, but the Hoods say they are not far behind.

Jim and Jennie will move in to their new home a month from now.

Still surrounded by crumbling homes and snapped trees, it's impossible to forget what happened, but they say they never thought of leaving.

"A lot of memories, but we are ready to start more," explained Jim.

The new house comes with peace of mind only an underground storm shelter can provide.

"It was put in before the house started," chuckled Jim.

Now the couple starts a new chapter with a reminder of what was and how it was taken in a simple picture.

It's a picture that reminds them how fortunate they are to have each other.

"It's still not a feeling of home yet, because everything is so different," said Jim, "but it's coming along."

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