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After the Storm: Davis Mill Circle one year later

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- The March 2nd, 2012 EF-3 tornado destroyed 82 homes and caused $17 million in damages. One year later, the rebuilding efforts continue.

Take one drive through parts of Harrison and the destruction from the March 2nd tornadoes lingers. Some homes look as if they were hit yesterday. Downed trees cover the landscape.

But a sign outside the Woodland Bay neighborhood insists, those living there are survivors not victims.

"I'm just very fortunate, I really am," says Mark Odmann, who lives on Davis Mill Circle.

Odmann remembers the immediate aftermath like it was yesterday.

"When I topped the hill here, the roof and the whole front of the house was completely gone," he says.

Odmann's house was the first rebuilt on the street and progress is being made on others. But some have decided it is just better to move on.

Pointing to a neighbor's house, Odmann says, "They've decided to rebuild somewhere else, so they're actually selling their house. The neighbor here decided not to come back."

"It's sad to see that some people have not been able to come back," says Clara Smith.

A few doors down from Odmann, Smith is proud to show off her brand new house. She still has flashbacks of what happened on March 2nd.

"Oh, was just devastated. I could not believe," she says.

It took her a few days to gain access back onto Davis Mill Circle to survey the damage to her home.

"They finally did let me walk in to the living room. And of course, the roof was completely gone, it was nothing. It was just soaking wet."

A set of china was about the only thing saved from her old home. But more importantly she is just glad she came away with her life, saying a trip to the hair salon made all the difference.

"I was so glad that I was gone that day, that I had gone to the beauty shop to get my hair done. Because if I (didn't), I might not be here today," says Smith.

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