CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- It has been more than four years, now, since Kisha Taylor's son was killed and she is no closer to finding answers. "No days are easy; some days are harder," she said. "My family hurts everyday. I wake up and I wonder, 'how?' 'Why?'"

This heartbroken mother brought her story of loss to Crime Stoppers for help. "He was my first born," Taylor said, "and, you know, we have birthdays coming up and it's hard for me to smile now, on my birthdays." June 14th is a birthday Antonio Taylor shared with her. He was only 28 when he was gunned down in his home on Juandale Trail, very early that July morning in 2010. Antonio Taylor was a new father and was about to get married.

Full disclosure: Taylor had a short criminal history. The night of the murder, he was with his cousin, who admitted to police the two were smoking pot and watching movies that evening. Detectives have said the shooting may have been the result of a robbery gone bad. But, put all of that aside. The "whys" will come out in court. Taylor did not deserve death, and whomever pulled the trigger certainly does not deserve to walk free.

Someone can help this family find peace. Someone knows what happened in this house. "It's for his memory," explained Taylor. "It's for his family. It's for everyone that, all his friends which adored him. Teachers, pastors, neighbors, grandparents, nieces, nephews, his son, especially. He only got to be with his son five months."

The little boy turned three in January. Taylor added, "He's gonna grow up and he's gonna ask questions."

For him and the family, Kisha Taylor makes a Mother's plea for justice. "Don't allow any Mother to live the pain that I'm living," she said. "Don't let any child have to be lost growing up not knowing. And for yourself, just do the right thing."

If you can help us, there is up to a thousand dollars reward cash waiting. No one: not the police, prosecutors, friends, family, nor people in your neighborhood will ever know it was you who provided the tip. Call Crime Stoppers: 423-698-3333

It is time to close this case and give this family peace.