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Local attorney wants FBI Agent investigated

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Sheriff Gary Sisk (left) and Attorney McCracken Poston (right) Sheriff Gary Sisk (left) and Attorney McCracken Poston (right)

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Attorney McCracken Poston says firing one Ringgold Police Officer for violating policy does not go far enough.

Sgt. Tom Evans was let go earlier this month for giving a federal agent and two women a ride home after a night at the bar, instead of a ride to jail on DUI suspicion.

An internal investigation shows the federal agent is named Ken Hillman.

"I started getting information that this was not the only instance this agent was given certain courtesy."

Poston sent a letter to Sheriff Gary Sisk asking for state investigators to look into his deputies giving agent Hillman a free pass on other potential DUI's.

"The request to Sheriff Sisk was to simply invite an outside agency to look in. That would give the public the most confidence in any inquiry," Poston says.

Poston didn't hear from Sisk until Wednesday afternoon.

He responded saying his office won't get involved in personal matters and it's "Not a wise expense to put on taxpayers."

Catoosa County Dispatch: "So you have another subject that is drunk leaving a black Tahoe. Is that what I understand?"

This was the call from last October where Hillman is attempting to leave a bar after drinking with a woman and her mom.

Sgt. Evans would eventually take the group to a condo in Chattanooga that night.

This sparked more questions from Poston.

"What is relevant is how many times does this federal agent get this type of discretion?"

Poston sent a response to Sheriff Sisk Wednesday afternoon saying he should reconsider the GBI investigation.

The FBI has not commented on the matter.

We do know complaints have been filed against agent Hillman.

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