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Long-lost ring found

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MONSON, MA (WWLP) -- Toni Flowers Perkins had been collecting pull tabs for years, donating them by the bag full to Shriner's Hospital but she never thought that through it she would get something back she lost more than a decade ago.

"I thought it was gone forever," Toni said.

Christy Marsden got a bag of pull tabs from Toni's Facebook page, where residents swap things back and forth.

"I just started picking out the colored tabs and I noticed something really shiny and I thought uh, that's not a tab,"  Marsden said.

Toni and her husband found the bag among Christmas decorations, "The strange thing is we've had this bag forever, but this one bag seemed to never make it to Shriner's."

It was while Christy was picking out the colored tabs that she spotted Toni's engagement ring.

It takes much more than just a glance to differentiate between the diamond ring and one of the pull tabs.

So Christy said, "I jumped online and said I think I have something you might be looking for."

Toni said she couldn't believe it, "It fit still and I was in tears."

Because she lost it 11 years ago.

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