CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - T.W.R.A has simplified the use of multi lure rigs used in state waters for the year 2013.

The use of multi lure rigs sometime called umbrella rigs which have become very popular among angler's in the state of Tennessee was a controversial issue in 2012 season. These rigs grew fast in many combinations and sizes causing some anglers to question the legality of their use.

T.W.R.A.'s new regulation was based on angler input and the need to protect the fisheries in our lakes and streams.

The Chattanooga Bass Association, a long standing and well respected tournament organization has made the decision to restrict their tournament anglers to the use of three wire and three hook umbrella rigs for their 2013 season in an effort to help them better enforce the rules and regulations.

This regulation seems to be well written and very simple for angler's to understand and if not abused will allow angler's to enjoy fishing for years to come and protect the waters we all love to fish in.

This restriction does not apply to the Sabiki or piscatore rigs, which are a set of small lures attached along a single line. Also, the Umbrella Rig Restriction which allowed only one hook on arrays with more than 3 lures was removed from the regulation

Tournament anglers should check their tournament rules and regulations for each tournament trail they are fishing.