CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Jim Frost began collecting pocket knives in 1969 while he was working as an everyday shift worker at a chemical plant.

The business that began from Jim's lunch bucket at work quickly grew to selling his knives out of his car trunk, garage, and four increasingly larger warehouses before finally finding its home in a 150,000 square foot plant known as Frost Cutlery.

Over the past 40 years Jim turned his small hobby into a multi-million dollar business which employs over 100 employees at its sole location in Ooltewah, Tennessee.

Frost Cutlery is known as some of the finest cutlery made in the world today.

Jim Frost continues to grow his business by understanding the needs of the market and striving to create the products that people want.

Over the years, Jim Frost also struck a friendship with #3 car owner, Richard Childress. The two found that they had many things in common, a strong business sense and a passion for fishing and the outdoors.

Frost Cutlery has continued making great partnerships over the years by teaming up with fishing legend, Bill Dance. Together, they have created a special line of cutlery specifically designed for the outdoor sportsman, and particularly the sport fisherman. Each product endorsed by Bill and Jim has been carefully chosen and manufactured with the outdoorsman in mind.

"We believe that with our combined knowledge of knives and fishing, Frost Cutlery and Bill Dance Outdoors will have a lasting venture that will benefit all." says Jim

Jim is also known for his dedication to helping student athletes train to develop the necessary skills to obtain college scholarships. Jim is planning on adding a 7000 sq foot athletic training facility to his present operation as well as a 3000 sq. ft showroom which will be open to the public.

Meet Jim Frost in person in this exclusive video interview with Channel 3 Outdoors.