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Congress heads home in spite of looming budget deadline

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(NBC) - Lawmakers are spiraling toward another self imposed budget deadline, but that isn't stopping them from leaving town.

House Democrats made an unsuccessful plea to Republicans Friday to stay in Washington and work.

"No deal, no break.  We really should be here," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"They are once again walking away from the American people," added Rep. Steny Hoyer.

Unless Congress agrees on alternative savings dozens of programs will get slashed.

The military would cut back on training and counter-terrorism efforts.

10,000 teachers could lose their jobs.

Disaster relief during events like Superstorm Sandy would be reduced and even those annoying airport security screening lines could grow because of furloughs.

The conservative led house looked to save elsewhere.

Lawmakers passed a bill blocking cost of living pay increases for federal employees.

President Obama also left town, flying to Chicago to push his plan to help the middle class.

The trip is the president's third this week seeking support outside the Capitol.

On Thursday Senate Democrats proposed a package to delay many of the cuts to defense and other popular programs, but because it included tax increases leading Republicans rejected it.

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